Diamond Smiles By Melinda LLC


  • Glow White
    3 to 7 shades whiter. Teeth whitening treatment that uses hydrogen peroxide base formula that helps reduce tooth discoloration from stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine before they become permanent on your teeth.
  • Touch Up Session
    This is for all my clients who have received any of my whitening treatments.
  • Teen Whitening
  • Sensitivity Package
    This is for clients who have experienced sensitivity with whitening treatments or have sensitivity to cold or hot. 2 separate appts of 1-hour teeth whitening sessions using sensitivity gel 1 week apart.
  • 1 Tooth Gem
    1 small round Swarovski gem placement
  • Butterfly Design
    4 Swarovski tooth gems
  • Gem Repair
    1 month tooth gem repair guarantee
  • Training Deposit
    Teeth whitening and tooth gem training deposit